1. What is your confirmed lineup and the roles of the players?
    What is your confirmed lineup and the roles of the players?
    Finland Swanidius, obvious star player, counting alot on him
    Finland Rsp, unleashing fear of riflenades
    Finland Hazz, superfast engi/obj carrier
    Finland Tomba, aiming power
    Finland Lettu, gamesaving panzers
    Finland Smak, keeping all the cats in order

  2. How did the team come together?
    I was determined to come for the next lan, this time with full Finland finnish lineup. I was hearing some resistance from guys as half the team hadnt really played ET for ages and werent willing.
    All it took was one weekend trip to Finland Hazz's cottage and i got 4 out of 6 for the team in place.
    Finland Lettu wasnt with us at the time so obviously after persuading him to join, we had to go back to the cottage. We had awesome bootcamp despite the cottage being 12c at the start. Gaming went more or less under the influence, tried to keep the normal lan feel in place.
    Finland Swanidius was joining the team but sadly wasnt able to join the cottage saunaparties :(

  3. What's your goal at LAN? Is there a finishing position you are targeting?
    Aiming to beat Norway Sinche!

  4. What would you say was your best performance as a team to date?
    Beating Elysium in Missile in prac.

  5. Who on your team is most likely to miss their flight and turn up late to LAN?
    Finland Hazz

  6. How do you prepare for games?

  7. What has been your team's biggest challenge leading up to the LAN event, and how have you been working to overcome it?
    We dont really have anyone to take igl role, nobody likes to call and the game can fall apart really easily. Finland Swanidius has been doing most of the calling so far and we are trying to improve with that.